• Remote Tuning

    Connecting the inline equipment to a network allows testing and fine tuning machine parameters live without stopping the line.

  • Repair terminal

    A repair terminal can receive and display inspection results from inline machines in real time which allows handling of false errors quickly. Multiple inline AOI machines can be utilized, as well as a barcode scanning function for individual PCB identification and selection. A statistic report of the production throughput and failure rate can be viewed at any time.

  • Line management

    One user can operate different lines at the same time and monitor the inspection results of multiple AOI machines, greatly saving labor and cost. This allows assisting the production without suspending machines and increases efficiency.

  • SPC

    The SPC software comprises a user friendly interface, and allows monitoring multiple lines at the same time. The powerful data analysis system helps tracing PCB barcodes and output production statistic, failure judgments analysis and statistic tables.

  • Line defect analysis

    Line defect analysis helps tracking down issues by comparing inspection images at different stages in the line, such as after SPI, pre-reflow and post-reflow.

  • Barcode

    A comprehensive solution offering support for various 1D and 2D codes. 1D codes larger than a single FOV image are also supported.
    1D: code 93, code 128,code39...
    2D: QR, Data Matrix, PDF 417.

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